New! The Virginia School of Math and Virginia Tutoring
Use your Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants
for weekend, in-person classes at our new Virginia School of Math in Herndon, VA,
and for online tutoring with our new Virginia Tutoring service.

On May 1, the Virginia Department of Education announced $30 million in K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants to be used for qualifying education services to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students' educational progress and well being.

On May 23 Fairfax Collegiate won approval to offer Virginia School of Math classes under this program.

Follow the instructions below to use your family's K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants at Fairfax Collegiate.

How to Use Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants at Fairfax Collegiate

Fairfax Collegiate Virginia School of Math classes are eligible for payment with Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants.

Select your children's classes with our online registration system.

Complete the checkout process and check the box indicating your intention to use a Learning Acceleration Grant.

Forward your grant confirmation emails to if you have not already done so for the Summer Program.

No payment is required to enroll in these classes if your child has been approved for a Virginia Learning Acceleration Grant.

Nothing further is required until your children are hard at work in our engaging and challenging Virginia School of Math classes. Have fun and learn!

Shortly after class ends, we will email an invoice for you to submit to ClassWallet, the payment processor for the program. Please submit this invoice as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Send us confirmation of your family's grants and we will convert your registrations to use your grants for eligible classes. After we receive your grant funds, we will refund your original payment.

Please let us know if your family's grant application is delayed or denied, and we will provide options, including cancelling class registrations with no financial obligation or penalty.

Other Questions? Please reach out to us at