New! The Virginia School of Math and Virginia Tutoring
Use your Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants
for weekend, in-person classes at our new Virginia School of Math in Herndon, VA,
and for online tutoring with our new Virginia Tutoring service.

Fairfax Collegiate Summer 2023

This summer your child can have fun and learn!

Since 1993, the Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program has provided challenging and engaging courses in writing, mathematics, science, public speaking, admissions prep, engineering, computer science, filmmaking, photography, design, technology, and gaming.

Small classes are available both in-person at locations throughout Northern Virginia, and online via Zoom. Courses are built around creative activities that are captivating and entertaining, as well as informative.

Summer Program instructors include undergraduate and graduate students at leading universities, as well as area public and private school teachers. They take into account each student's interests and needs, and students are able to get help from an instructor at any time.

Thousands of students attend Fairfax Collegiate programs each year. Register today to reserve your child's opportunity for academic and creative growth at Fairfax Collegiate.

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Fairfax Collegiate Year-Round

Virginia School of Math

Enjoy and Master Math

Fairfax Collegiate's new in-person, weekend Virginia School of Math helps students master the fundamentals and then work ahead.

Virginia Tutoring

Virginia Tutoring provides one-on-one online tutoring in math and writing from Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program instructors.

Test Prep

Fairfax Collegiate has been a trusted provider of test preparation for over 25 years. Our classes stand out because each one:

  • Is highly engaging and interactive
  • Includes techniques for managing test anxiety
  • Is taught by veteran instructors
  • Includes feedback on your student's progress

Writing the Constitution

Writing the Constitution is an online program that teaches basic composition. Each unit of the program is eight weekly one-on-one Oxford-style tutorials. The program incorporates regular individualized direct instruction in writing. Weekly writing and reading assignments relate to the content focus of the program: the United States Constitution.