Summer 2021 Technology and Gaming Courses

Unlike science, engineering, and programming courses that aim to develop broad background knowledge, our technology courses are centered around emerging and futuristic platforms that are the result of applying STEM principles. We put devices such as robotic brains and unmanned flying aircraft into students’ hands who then rapidly learn to build and program them to achieve impressive results.

Under the guidance of our knowledgeable instructors, students attempt challenging projects as they learn about how the technology functions – all aligned to their grade level and academic background. Our courses work equally well for total beginners and students who have some experience using the technology already.

The Technology and Gaming category also includes a selection of Minecraft and Esports classes. Minecraft students learn how to make Minecraft mods and minigames, run a server, and harness the power of programming to build cities with a single click. Esports students get a deep dive into how PCs work and develop key interpersonal skills such as leadership and teamwork.