TJ Boot Camp 7-8 (Part 2) (Online)

Prepare for the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology admissions process, with an emphasis on crafting strong personal statements and problem-solving essays.

Students practice and discuss responses to Student Portrait Sheet and Problem-Solving Essay prompts.

Instructors help students develop strategies to highlight their general strengths and interests in the Student Portrait Sheet and to highlight their STEM strengths in the Problem-Solving Essay, all within time constraints.

Please note: this Part 2 course is intended for students who have already taken a TJ prep course with Fairfax Collegiate this year and wish to get additional practice with the SPS and PSE writing prompts. Background information about how the TJ admissions process works & special opportunities available to TJ students, which is covered in our other TJ Boot Camps, will not be included here.

All of the practice writing prompts in this Part 2 course are different from the ones that were used in the TJ Personal Statements Prep and TJ Problem-Solving Essay Prep courses in the Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program.

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TJ Boot Camp 7-8 (Part 2) (Online) Classes

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